Ride Green With Richmond ‘Bio Taxi’

September 23, 2010

By Morgan Saunders
VCU InSight

RICHMOND, Va — Can a taxi run on recycled french fry grease?

Just ask Jeff and Joey Anderson, who recently started their own fully sustainable taxi service in Richmond. Jeff is a former VCU student, while Joey’s still in school.

The brothers put their heads together in 2008 and knew that they wanted to do something with the fuel mixture called biodiesel. Whatever it would be, they wanted it to benefit the Richmond community where they grew up.

Bio Taxi was just the thing that made sense. A taxi service that runs solely on biodiesel. The taxi service launched this July.

“My brother and I had been working in fast food restaurants are
whole life and we had the idea of using the grease for some sort of
green cutting edge business, but we didn’t know how or what to do with
it so we put our heads together and came up with the solution of
starting a green and professional taxi service,” Jeff Anderson said.

Biodiesel fuel can be made from many different sources including soy, hemp, sunflower, and mustard.

“One that is fully
sustainable and more professionally than your normal taxi service
pretty much a limousine service but for taxi rates,” he said.

Driving around Richmond in a Mercedes Benz with the licenses plate “Bio Taxi,” the car is hard to miss.

Bio Taxi owners agree that running their company on french fry grease from Wendy’s and Sullivan’s restaurant makes Bio Taxi one of the more sustainable means of transportation in Richmond.

In the future, the Anderson brothers plan to expand their business.
They want to eventually move up to fueling Biodiesel limousines and
adding more cars to their fleet.