Golf Team Gets New Practice Center

November 2, 2010

By Marcos Chappell
VCU InSight

RICHMOND, Va. – This winter the Virginia Commonwealth University Golf
will enjoy the recently opened William G. Reynolds Indoor Learning and Practice Center.

The $350,000 center opened in September, 2010 and is located about a mile north of the Monroe Park Campus at Richmond First Tee.

The purpose of the facility is to keep the team sharp during severe weather conditions. In previous years, the team was unable to practice, because they had nowhere to go during heavy rain or snow.

“We basically had to do everything through our living rooms,” Chase Sargent said, a VCU Junior and golf team member.

The team no longer has to worry about the weather, because the Reynold’s Center can accommodate to any condition due to the heaters and fans inside the building.

Adapting to the weather is only part of what the center offers.

“We got an indoor putting green,” Matt Ball, VCU Golf Head Coach, said. “We got video analysis, putting analysis software.”

Mirrors are all around the center for golfers to check their swings.

Players and coaches have agreed that their most resourceful feature is the center’s tool shed and loft/lie machine, which is used to fix clubs.

“It has repair for our clubs whenever we need to tinker something, and it really has everything we need for golf,” Sargent said.