Wellness Center Develops Online Alcohol, Drug Use Survey

November 29, 2010

Morgan Saunders
VCU InSight

Richmond, Va. — Virginia Commonwealth University’s Campus Wellness Center and VCU Police are coming together on a project to educate students.

The WELL recently developed an online survey to assess student alcohol and drug usage.  VCU police thought that it would be a good idea to collaborate with the WELL and incorporate the survey into their daily routine to educate students

VCU police are advised to give cards with the web address to the survey to students they think should take the survey. These include situations where police encounter students they can’t arrest for alcohol or drug violations, but may think they have been drinking or using drugs.

The survey is available for anyone to take–the web address and password are on the WELL’s website. Representatives from the WELL hope the pilot survey and police-distributed cards are successful.