VCU RecSports hosts the Ironman Triathlon Distance Challenge

November 3, 2011

Nikia Whigham

VCU InSight
RICHMOND, Va — The Ironman Triathlon Distance Challenge is 140.6 miles of swimming, cycling, and walking or running. VCU Recreational Sports hosts the challenge every semester, including the summer.
It is a self-lead, self-paced fitness program for VCU students, faculty, and staff. Based on the honor system, challengers report their progress via email.The challenge must be completed in nine weeks in order for participants to receive a free T-shirt, courtesy of RecSports. 
Some challengers use the triathlon to train for other fitness events. “I’m going to do the Richmond Marathon next month and this has really helped me to cross train and to get more biking and swimming in,” said Katherine Hopper, a nurse at VCU Medical Center. 
The Ironman Triathlon Distance Challenge for the fall 2011 semester started Sept. 12 and ends Nov. 13.