Mozart’s Requiem: Still Stirring Audiences 220 Years Later

December 11, 2011

By Justin James
VCU InSight

RICHMOND, Va.– Mozart’s Requiem made its debut in Vienna in 1791. 220 years later, the VCU Symphony performed the piece in front of a live audience for the very first time.

The popular piece of music was preceded by two clarinet concertos. Professor Charles West has been teaching at the School of Music for the past 25 years, and was a featured soloist in the piece. He said he hopes that when people hear the Requiem, it evokes a feeling of excitement and thrill.

“I hope they are singing in the tunes in their head…..I hope it really stirs them,” said West.

The performance was held on November 8th inside of the Sonia Vlahcevic Music Hall inside of the WK Singleton Center on the Monroe Park Campus. The concert was free for any VCU Student to attend, and only $5 for non-students.