VCU Library Launches New Bike Loan Program

April 10, 2012

By Ashley Chapman
VCU InSight

RICHMOND, Va.–VCU Rambikes, VCU Goes Green, the VCU Office of Sustainability, and VCU libraries are working together to get students peddling toward a greener campus.

They launched a new bike loan program this semester that gives students the opportunity to check out bicycles from the library service desk the same way they would a book. The check out period is 24 hours to give the maximum number of students access to the bikes.

The pilot program offers eight bicycles. Four will be located on designated racks outside the library and four more at the mobility hub on Floyd.

Teresa Doherty, VCU library’s head of circulation and information services says the bikes are a great way for students to get around the city.

“The idea was to give students an alternate means of transportation. A lot of students on campus don’t have cars, we’re an urban institution and we just don’t have enough parking for everybody. We’re on 2 campuses; we’re surrounded by a wonderful city. You want to be able to get out to Belle Isle, you want to go up to May mount or Virginia Museum of Fine Arts. Buses don’t always go there, and you don’t always want to have to walk.”

Doherty says the bikes are also a great way to save on gas and time normally spent finding parking. She also says it encourages a more active lifestyle.

VCU Goes Green hopes this program will encourage more students to get involved in VCU’s green initiative.

Interest is high with bikes being checked out every day. Helmets and u locks will be issued with the bikes to keep students safe while they get fit, stay green, and enjoy the city.