VCU students package to stop hunger now

April 26, 2012

VCU InSight
By Brian Hill

RICHMOND, VA– VCU students recently came together to help the fight against world hunger during the Stop Hunger Now Inaugural Food Packaging Event, hosted by Stop Hunger Now VCU.

The event brought students from the Monroe Park and MCV campuses together to help bag rice, dehydrated vegetables and soy. Volunteers were broken into group to bag the meals, each including a flavoring mix of 21 essential vitamins and nutrients.

Stop Hunger Now VCU event organizers wanted volunteers to feel like it was party and to walk away with feeling like they made a difference.

“We wanted them to feel powerful. We wanted them to feel like they made an impact on the world, which they all did,” said Jessica Libuit, Event Organizer.

With nearly 250 volunteers, they were able to reach an expected goal of 40 thousand meals.   After the event, the meals were sent to the local Richmond branch of Stop Hunger Now, which began packaging meals in 2009.