Bowling event in Richmond raises money for Big Brothers, Big Sisters

May 1, 2012

By Heather Riekers

Richmond, Va. — On March 23 and 24, AMF Sunset Lanes hosted an event for Big Brothers, Big Sisters of Greater Richmond and Tri-Cities, the organization that prides itself on teaching children how to make good choices through mentors.

The event, called “Bowl for Kids Sake,” had over 85 teams come out. The teams, who had to give $500 to bowl in the event, bowled in teams of five in hour-long shifts.

Participants received prizes, not only for the strikes and spares but for gutter balls too.

Event coordinator, Erin Frye says that the most sought after prizes were the restaurant gift cards.

Lanre Ajibola, said the charity bowling event makes raising money fun.

“It can be tempting to want to raise money, in more serious, confined environment but when there’s an air of relaxation to it, it makes it much more pleasant.”

The prizes and bowling were just some of the fun. The mascot for the Richmond Flying Squirrel’s baseball team, “Nutsy” even made an appearance.

“Bowl for Kids Sake” helped raise over $47,000 for Big Brothers, Big Sisters, that Frye says, exceeded the expectations of the group. Frye also said that the highest score award went to a bowler named Chris Beach with a 187 points.