VCU students cheer on the Rams

May 7, 2012

By Jalisa House
VCU InSight

RICHMOND, Va.– The Rams run in the NCAA Tournament may have been cut short but VCU  fans will always root for their team. Win or lose.

After a win against Wichita State, Rams fans were confident they could win again in a St. Patrick’s Day game against the Indiana Hoosiers. As the VCU men’s basketball team played thousands of miles away in Portland, Or fans packed bars and restaurants in Richmond, Va to watch the game. The Chili’s on VCU’s campus was at capacity as the team fought for a spot in this year’s Sweet Sixteen. Fans like Dawn Godbolt were pretty confident the team could get another win.

“I feel like tonight I’m going to have to order a Sweet Sixteen T-shirt,” said Godbolt said as the game began. “That’s how I’m feelin’. They’re playing good.”

Win or lose this has been a record breaking season for V-C-U basketball with a school record 29 wins and fans selling out 18 consecutive games in the Seigel Center, the longest sell-out streak in C-A-A history. However, many wondered if Shaka Smart could take a younger team all the way to the Final Four.

And for VCU senior Jessica Mill, the stakes of this game were high. “It’s a very intense game. I definitely have the hands clasping and stuff like that. I can feel the nervousness in my body so it becomes physical,” said Mill.

Though the Rams had dominated in the first half of the game, it all came down to wire in the last 12 seconds with the Rams down by two points. A last second attempt at a three pointer by VCU came up short and the Rams fell to Indiana 63-61.

And as the Rams dreams of this year’s Final Four disappeared Godbolt says the team has still come a very long way. “Two years ago, last year they were saying ‘V-C-WHO.’ This year they were telling other teams ‘You can beat VCU.'”

The Rams were greeted by hundreds of fans on their arrival back to Richmond. Fans said they wanted to show the team the no matter what fans will always cheer for the black and gold.