Different cultures visit VCU

May 10, 2012

By Melissa Smith
VCU InSight

Richmond, Va- Last month VCU hosted an event that brought different cultures to the Richmond community.

Thousands of people filled Monroe Park’s several acres on April 14 for VCU’s annual  Intercultural Festival.  The event started in 2002 and began a Monroe Park staple in 2008, according to the Intercultural Festival website. This years theme was Seven Wonders of the World.  There was a wonder of activities for participates to sample such as Henna tatoos, a petting zoo, caricatures, games, and a variety of performances to help teach them about different culutures. 

 Activities weren’t the only things that emersed participates into the countless cultures.  A variety of vendors brought different items to sell and food from places such as China, India and Mexico. Even different languages filled the air as individuals spoke in their native tongue.

VCU student and event peformer Seva Omar said she really enjoyed the festival because she could show off her Kurdish heritage by wearing her traditional clothing. “I love that because people go around and they ask you what are you wearing; where’s that from; so people wanna know, people wanna learn about other places and I think events like this help people you know get closer together with each other. ” Omar added that events like this give individuals the opportunity to see how someone else lives here in Richmond.

The student population at VCU is a diverse mix with about 16 percent of students of African American decent, about 10 percent of Asian decent and about 5 percent of Hispanic decent, according to VCU’s 2011 Student Demographic Census II.

Event volunteer and one of the Master of Ceremonies Julian Cha, said that this event is a good fit for VCU.“People come here to for an education and you get all these people from around the world umm, so it’s just a great place to meet people and just really embrace what VCU is really about.”

Cha added the festival has grown each year since it first began. Festival volunteers look forward to seeing how the event will grow in the future.