VCU’s Women’s Field Hockey Prepares for A10 Conference

September 28, 2012

Online story by Manhatten Royal
Video story by Gabrielle Jackson
VCU InSight

VCU Women’s Field Hockey Team prepares for the Atlantic 10 Conference.

RICHMOND, Va. — The VCU’s women’s field hockey team is making changes they think are for the better, striving to rank in the Atlantic 10 Conference, along with conquering the classroom.

With a new coach, new conference, and new goals to meet, the team is working harder than ever.

This year, with the assistant coach being promoted to head coach, many changes have been made in practice techniques, creating more challenging practices for the field hockey members.

“They’re a great group to work with and we’re only scratching the surface of our potential right now,” Shannon Karl, the field hockey team’s new coach, said.

While the field hockey team works to improve their athletic skills, they have also created goals for their academic  accomplishments. The team has goals of every member accomplishing a 3.5 grade point average. This goal was not set by the coaches, but by the team itself.

“Not only do we have to perform well on the field for every game, every practice, but we also have to perform I the classroom. And if you can’t perform in the classroom then you’re not going to be able to play,” said Nicole Barry, a sophomore player.

The team has already made major accomplishments as the Atlantic 10 Conference  recognized senior Kelsey Scherrer as their “player of the week “in early September.

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