Burglary at VCU Residence Hall

December 19, 2012

Online story by Mike Curtis
Video story by DeeVa Payne
VCU InSight

After a curious break-in incident at the Broad and Belvidere student apartments, VCU Police are urging city residents to stay secure during the holiday season.

VCU sophomore Najah Lee says she feels unsafe in her building.

“We already have a lot going on outside of our buildings just around the campus,” Lee said. “The fact that something happened in our building, it’s like you’re not safe anymore.”

According the VCU Crime Alert system, a man broke the lock to one of the apartments, entered the apartment, and made his way to the refrigerator, only to be discovered by the victim minutes later.

When the female victim found the man stealing food, he immediately fled the scene.

Every Broad and Belvidere resident is required to sign their guests in at the 24-hour security desk, adding to the curiousness of this case.

Since the case is currently under investigation, VCU Police could not comment, but VCU Police officer Matt Ruland says students and residents need to be more vigilant.

“Make sure you lock your house up, put the lights on, check with a trusted neighbor or friend to check on your house for you,” Ruland said.

VCU Police say burglars target homes that appear to be unoccupied. The easiest way to help prevent burglary is to keep a light on in your house at night.