Local SPCA pairs senior citizens with pets

October 4, 2013

Video Story by Rebecca Haislip
Online Story by Whitney Torres
VCU InSight

RICHMOND, Va. — The Richmond SPCA‘s Seniors for Seniors Adoption Program offers a $50 reduced adoption fee to any senior who is interested in adopting a dog or cat.

Through the program, senior citizens are paired low-maintenance dogs or cats ages 5 and up.

“The goal of Seniors for Seniors is…to provide companionship for both the animals and the person,” said Tabitha Hanes, Director of Advancement at the Richmond SPCA. “And, of course, the benefit for the animal is having a home and nothing is better than that.”

Studies have shown that owning a pet has a significant effect on survival after a heart attack. According to Drs. Foster and Smith’s Pet Education, dog ownership increased the odds for survival in people who had a heart attack from 1 in 87 to 1 in 15.