Student finds letter from World War One in her Fan apartment

November 1, 2013

Video story by Paislee Winkler
VCU InSight

RICHMOND, Va. — While doing laundry in the basement of her Fan apartment, VCU senior, Chelsea Gantt, found a piece of history. Gantt discovered a letter that was originally written during World War one.

“It seems kind of crazy cause it obviously looks really old and then I saw the date on it which was 1918 and then I started reading it,” she said. Gantt wanted to learn more about the letter and even considered donating it to a museum. She went to the Virginia Historical Society for more answers.

Laura Stoner, archivist at VHS, said items like the letter found by Gantt help complete the society’s mission. “We are looking for things that illustrate the history of Virginia. The people that lived here and their lives and as well as business records companies,” Stoner said.

The letter may be able to help in understanding death, weather and communication from 1918.