VCU students question the vagueness of crime alerts

November 1, 2013

Video story by Ciera Jarrett
VCU InSight

RICHMOND, Va. —After a fatal shooting at the Rite Aid located at Broad and Belvidere, some students think that crime alerts sent out by VCU Police are too vague.

The alert notified students that there was an “armed subject” and to avoid the area. Kelsey Hideshima, a freshman who lives on campus, said the alert wasn’t clear enough. “I didn’t even know it was a shooting,” Hideshima said.

According to VCU Police, more than 36,000 students, parents, faculty and staff receive crime alerts. VCU Police say the alerts aren’t detailed, because they don’t have enough time when arriving to the scene of a crime.

“I know people want more, but we always follow it up. We always give instructions to go to the VCU alerts page so you can get a full explanation,” said Christopher Preuss, Assistant Chief of Police.