VCU professor helps police nab criminals

November 5, 2013

Video story by Joel Rhodes
VCU InSight

RICHMOND, Va. — A VCU music professor helped police capture four suspects on the Monroe Park Campus.

John Patykula noticed the men in an alley off of West Franklin Street while he was feeding a feral cat in the area. He reported the suspicious activity to VCU police who arrived at the scene shortly thereafter. The four suspects were arrested on charges of trespassing and drug possession.

VCU police officer Greg Felton said  it is important for people to report suspicious activity like Patykula did.

“It’s essential to have that kind of involvement,” Felton said. “I think the Chief has said it best: It’s another 50,000 eyes and ears.”

“We rarely see any problems here,” Patykula said, “It was all just some good luck.”