Baby Cheetahs Born at Richmond Zoo

November 15, 2013

Video Story by Natasha Haskamp
VCU InSight

RICHMOND, Va. — A litter of baby cheetahs, born at the Metro Richmond Zoo, are the third litter to be born within the United States.

Jim Andelin, the director of the Richmond zoo, says breeding cheetahs can be very difficult and time-consuming. “We’re pretty happy about having that opportunity here at the Metro richmond Zoo and being successful. We’re hoping it’s not beginner’s luck with this first one. We hope to have many more births.”

Zoo officials are working hard to ensure the baby cheetahs are well taken care of at the zoo.

“We’re really keeping a close eye on them and making sure they are growing up healthy and, so far, they are in great shape,” Andelin said.

Jennifer Hollenbeck, a zookeeper who cares for the baby cheetahs, remembers the first day she saw them.

“I was out of town visiting family, so I actually missed being here the day they were born. Two days later I got to work and I got to seem them and it was all very exciting,” Hollenbeck said.

Zoo officials say the baby cheetahs will be here for the next year, although they won’t be on display for some time. The public can watch their daily activities through a webcam called Cheetah Cam.