Local 20-year-old chases dream of being NASCAR driver

November 29, 2013

Video story by Rebecca Haislip

RICHMOND, Va. — Sam Hunt is a busy 20-year-old. In addition to going to school, he’s chasing his dream of becoming a professional NASCAR driver.

Hunt became interested in racing when he was young. Growing up in the Netherlands, Hunt said there were two options — play soccer or race.

“Racing is really big over there,” Hunt said, “There is soccer and racing. I already did soccer so I began racing.”

Hunt started with go-carts. Today, he races cars in the K&N Pro Series, but is aiming for the Sprint Cup Series, which is full of famous names like Jeff Gordon and Dale Earnhart, Jr.

Being an aspiring NASCAR driver is not cheap, though. Hunt and his team, Drive Technology, spends about $500,000 a year on travel, crew, supplies and cars.

“Racing is expensive,” said Sam’s dad, Michael Hunt. “Each year we put down hundreds of thousands of dollars and we depend on the driver for us to make money. But every time had has a ding on his car, that takes away from our profits each race.”

Hunt is continuing to balance racing and being a full-time student. He spends most of his time at his car shop, but he also strives to keep a good GPA.

“Part of Sam’s responsibility as a driver is to also keep up with his priorities. School comes first, then racing. You never know how far racing will get you in life,” said Michael Hunt.

You can follow along with Sam Hunt and his races on Twitter.