Security heightened at annual Richmond marathon

November 29, 2013

Video story by Philip Marcelo

RICHMOND, Va. — This month marked the 36th running of the Anthem Richmond Marathon and the first since the Boston Marathon bombings in April.

As a result, security was especially heightened at this year’s marathon in Richmond. Richmond police said they implemented new security measures for this year’s marathon but could not comment on what those new security measures were. They did say that the number of officers at the race, both uniformed and undercover, had increase significantly.

Sports Backers, a nonprofit Richmond sports commission who sponsors the marathon, also made security adjustments.

Jackie Stoneburner, the PR and communications manager for Sports Backer, said one thing in particular that was changed this year were the rules for checking bags. Participants were asked to check their belongings at bag check in clear plastic bags.

Brad Crosby, a Richmond marathon participant, said the Boston bombings made him think twice about running in the marathon.

“It makes you wonder about these big events. Do you sign up for them? You have the self-preservation thing kick in where you say, ‘Hey, I want to stay away from that stuff because I don’t want it to be me,'” Crosby said.

Still, Crosby didn’t let this keep him from participating. “No matter where you look there’s something like that going on and you can’t make a big life course correction every time something like that happens,” Crosby said.

Stoneburner believes attitudes like Crosby’s accounts for the large turnout at this year’s marathon. There was nearly 20,000 participants this year.