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02 May 2014

Watch VCU InSight for May 2, 2014

VCU InSight presents its final newscast for Spring 2014, with anchors Matthew Hall and Joshua Jackson.

18 Apr 2014

‘E-cigs’ could pose threat to curious kids

Insight’s Matthew Hall reports on electronic cigarettes and how the flavored, liquid nicotine used in the devices may pose a threat to children attracted to fruity and sweet flavors. Experts worry about the increased risk that children could drink the nicotine, which would be toxic or fatal.

06 Apr 2014

Watch VCU InSight for April 4, 2014

VCU InSight for April 4, 2014, with Anchors Onofrio Castiglia and Olivia Whitham.

06 Apr 2014

Watch VCU InSight for March 21, 2014

VCU InSight for March 21, 2014 features anchors Randi Ayala and Matthew Hall.

06 Apr 2014

Running for a cause

The website allows runners to fundraise for a cause of their choice. Site owner Laura Essex says that the website provides a service that was lacking. Terrance Dixon reports.

06 Apr 2014

Sanger Hall flood destroys years of research

The November 2013 flood of VCU’s Sanger Hall resulted in over $1 million of damage. However, the biggest loss is years of research and samples that cannot be recovered. Alison Bower reports.

28 Feb 2014

Watch VCU Insight for Feb. 28, 2014

28 Feb 2014

Sanger Hall flood damage totals $6M

The MCV campus building had $6 million worth of flood damage from a November 2013 flood.  A busted city pipe was to blame for the damage, which will be covered by insurance.

13 Feb 2014

VCU Pink Out

Hundreds “Pinked Out” the Siegel Center in support of breast cancer awareness as part of VCU athletics partnership with the Massey Cancer Center.

29 Nov 2013

Zeq’s bill to come before the General Assembly in January

RICHMOND, Va. — A bill will come before the General Assembly in January that affects people who rely on feeding tubes for nutrition.

Called Zeq’s bill, the measure is named after three-year-old Zeq Caalim from Virginia Beach, Va. Zeq suffers from Eosinophilic esophagitis, commonly known as EoE. It is a rare condition where white blood cells attack food as a foreign object.