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13 Feb 2014

General Assembly weighs ‘Revenge Porn’ ban

The act of posting elicit pictures of an ex-lover is currently legal in every state except California and New Jersey. But the phenomenon known as “revenge porn” has attracted the attention of Virginia lawmakers who hope to outlaw the practice in the commonwealth. Matthew Hall reports.

13 Feb 2014

Virginia legislature working on ethics reform

Virginia’s General Assembly is working on legislation to strengthen disclosure requirements and cap gifts to officeholders in the wake of one of the biggest political scandals ever to hit the state.

29 Nov 2013

Zeq’s bill to come before the General Assembly in January

RICHMOND, Va. — A bill will come before the General Assembly in January that affects people who rely on feeding tubes for nutrition.

Called Zeq’s bill, the measure is named after three-year-old Zeq Caalim from Virginia Beach, Va. Zeq suffers from Eosinophilic esophagitis, commonly known as EoE. It is a rare condition where white blood cells attack food as a foreign object.