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02 May 2014

Watch VCU InSight for May 2, 2014

VCU InSight presents its final newscast for Spring 2014, with anchors Matthew Hall and Joshua Jackson.

01 May 2014

VCU campus grieves recent suicides

Two VCU students, freshman Hobie Kopczynski and senior Kelechi Uchella, committed suicide just days apart. There was no connection between the two incidents, but the suicides have left VCU students, faculty and staff grieving and asking why. Olivia Witham reports.

01 May 2014

“Sexting” investigation raises concerns of school officials, parents

Louisa County is investigating a sexting ring involving more than 100 students and the social media site Instagram. Instagram removed the explicit photos after being contacted by the Louisa County Sheriff’s Office. Rusty McGuire, the Commonwealth’s Attorney of Louisa County, says charges against the students will likely not be filed, but the investigation has parents […]

18 Apr 2014

Magpie chef brings Virginia flavors to the Big Apple

Owen Lane, chef and co-owner of Richmond-based Magpie, was recently selected to cook at The City Grit in New York City where he showcased Virginia-based products in his unique culinary approach. Terrance Dixon reports.

06 Apr 2014

Una Vida Sana! helping and educating

According to the American Heart Association, Hispanics are at a greater risk for high blood pressure and heart disease. A volunteer effort at MCV, Una Vida Sana!, is helping lower that risk. Emily Akiyama reports.

06 Apr 2014

A little chin music for Flying Squirrels fans

Ashland’s Center of the Universe Brewing has created a new brew in honor of the Richmond Flying Squirrel. The amber lager, which has been named Chin Music, will be sold around Richmond and be available on tap at the Ballpark.

06 Apr 2014

Murals, murals, every where

Murals have been showing up all over Richmond, helping beautify the city. Muralist Matt Lively discusses the art form with InSight’s Nick Wright.

06 Apr 2014

New stormwater regulations coming to Virginia

New state regulations on the handling of stormwater will shift control from state to local authorities. While some believe local governments are best at handling the environmental issue, others fear the change could lessen pollution standards. Onofrio Castiglia reports.

06 Apr 2014

A new SAT for 2016

Current high school freshman will be taking a new SAT. Changes include no penalty for incorrect answers, vocabulary that reflects everyday language, and free prep materials. The changes are receiving mixed reviews. Zareema Waseem reports.

06 Apr 2014

State senate passes fireworks bill

State Senator Tom Garrett of Louisa County believes a lift on Virginia’s fireworks ban will add seasonal jobs to the state. His bill has passed through the senate and a house subcommittee. The state house and governor must still approve the bill.